reviews & interviews

Stack, October 2021: Challenging ableism in SICK magazine

Bite my Tongue, August 2021: Podcast guest

Rekto: Verso, July 2021: Letter From the Editor

BBC Radio Norfolk, April 2021: Interview with Sophie Little

Magalleria, September 2020: Issue 2 review

magCulture, August 2020: Issue 2 review

ARTCONNECT, August 2020: Initiatives for Disabled Artists You Should Know

Stack magazines, August 2020: Beds, knives, and why you shouldn’t give up smoking 

The New York Times, July 2020: 28 Ways to Learn About Disability Culture

Publico, July 2020: SICK is a “safe space” made by people with chronic illnesses and disability

Lydia’s Newsletter, June 2020: Olivia Spring on creating SICK magazine, a thoughtful magazine by sick & and disabled people

It’s Nice That, May 2020: ‘We’re innately creative because the world isn’t built for us’: working in the creative industries with chronic illness

Underpinned, September 2019: Imposter Syndrome when editing your own mag

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